Knowledge Graphs and SEO: The next chapter

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About this talk

“Knowledge Graph” is an overloaded term

Today Knowledge Graphs are becoming mainstream, and as this happens, more and more people associate Knowledge Graphs with data models, semantics, knowledge management, and ontologies

For many other people, however, Knowledge Graphs still mean Google Search Info Boxes, panels, SERPs, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

They are all right

The term Knowledge Graph was introduced by Google to signify the huge improvement that semantic technology brought to its search engine

Over time, the extended search capabilities and components enabled by semantic technology have become namesakes for Knowledge Graph

While the term Knowledge Graph has more meanings than this, it’s useful to return to the source

The evolution of Knowledge Graph-powered Google search now extends to voice, assimilates information from JSON-LD markup beyond Wikipedia, and advances the state of the art in NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Let’s explore how this influences, and is influenced by, advances in semantic technology, where the evolution of SEO is headed, and what this means for knowledge graphs at large

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Key Topics

  • Evolution of SEO
  • Interplay of SEO with semantic technology

Target Audience

  • SEO Professionals
  • Knowledge Graph Builders


  • Explore the interplay between SEO and semantic technologies
  • Answer questions that matter
    • How do those approaches complement one another, and how are they co-evolving?
    • What is the current state of the art, how and where is it used in the wild?
    • What are the next milestones / roadblocks?
    • What can SEO professionals learn from data modelers, and what can data modelers learn from SEO fundamentals?

Session outline

  • Introduction
    • Meet and Greet
    • Setting the stage
  • Meta-semantics: what do we talk about, when we talk about knowledge graphs?
  • How are knowledge graphs evolving, in the context of SEO?
  • What are some new capabilities that SEO professionals could / should be making use of?
  • What are the skills that SEO professionals need to have today?
  • What can knowledge graph builders, i.e. data modelers, learn from SEO?
  • What does the use of machine learning as low-key AI by Google search to index, categorize and structure data at a micro-level mean for question answering?


  • Extended panel
  • Expert discussion, coordinated by moderator
  • 2 hours running time
  • Running time includes modules of expert discussion, interspersed with modules of audience Q&A / interaction


  • Intermediate - Advanced

Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Basic understanding of SEO
  • Basic understanding of Knowledge Graphs

Categories covered by this talk

Dawn Anderson

Dawn Anderson is the founder of international SEO consultancy and digital marketing agency, Bertey Ltd. Dawn is also a lecturer on digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and marketing analytics at Manchester Metropolitan University.

David Amerland

David Amerland talks about data mining, search, the social web and how they all converge in the decision making space. The digital world is changing fast. Many of these changes apply pressure to the offline one. David helps make sense of the change by providing an independent, detailed view of the picture that is emerging.

Jason Barnard

Jason specialises in Brand SERPs (what appears when someone googles your brand name) and knowledge panels (triggering, correcting and improving) through his company Kalicube.

Hamlet Batista

Hamlet Batista is CEO and founder of RankSense, an agile SEO platform for online retailers and manufacturers. He holds US patents on innovative SEO technologies, started doing SEO as a successful affiliate marketer back in 2002, and believes great SEO results should not take 6 months

Andrea Volpini

Andrea Volpini, CEO of WordLift, is a visionary entrepreneur, now focusing on semantic web and artificial intelligence. Andrea works at the intersection of the semantic web, AI, and SEO, helping brands worldwide increase their organic search visibility, traffic, and conversions. Andrea has 20+ years of world-class experience in digital marketing. Previously, he was a cofounder of InSideOut10 and kick-started Redlink, a research spin-off focusing on AI and information extraction.

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