Knowledge Connexions 2020 Program Announced
Connecting data, people and ideas, building a global knowledge ecosystem

Knowledge Connexions, the new global event brought to you by Connected Data London and the Knowledge Graph Conference, has just announced its lineup.

This visionary event featuring a rich array of technological building blocks to support the transition to a knowledge-based economy is taking place online on November 30, December 1 and December 2.

The representation of the relationships among data, information, knowledge and --ultimately-- wisdom, known as the data pyramid, has long been part of the language of information science. Digital transformation has made this relevant beyond the confines of information science. COVID-19 has brought years' worth of digital transformation in just a few short months.

In this new knowledge-based digital world, encoding and making use of business and operational knowledge is the key to making progress and staying competitive.

So how do we go from data to information, and from information to knowledge? This is the key question Knowledge Connexions aims to address.

Keynote presentations by Data Artist, Science Communicator and Researcher Kirell Benzi, Scientist, best-selling Author, and Entrepreneur Gary Marcus, Intel Advanced Analytics Architect Eran Avidan and Stardog CEO & Founder Kendall Clark will explore Data Art as a new communication medium, Reboot AI by infusing it with knowledge, introduce Sales AI powered by a knowledge graph, and Power the connected Enterprise in a hybrid, multicloud world .

The conference also features leading experts and practitioners from the likes of AstraZeneca, Dataveyes, Eastlink Capital, Facebook AI Research, IBM Research, Lyft, Twitter and Zalando.

* Ben Gardner, Knowledge Management Solutions Architect at AstraZeneca, will join our workshop "Knowledge Graph adoption in the Enterprise", where executives and practitioners discuss use cases applicable across different industries and fit with problem domains where Knowledge Graphs can play a role.

* Caroline Goulard, Dataveyes CEO, will explore “Big Graphs & Machine Learning & Rich Interactions: the recipe for the future of search?” Goulard shows how visualizing knowledge graphs can help uncover information that would otherwise remain unseen.

* Steven Xi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Eastlink Capital Partners will join our workshop "From databases to platforms: the evolution of Graph databases", offering a multi-layered view on a technology Gartner predicted will grow at 100% annually through 2022 to continuously accelerate data preparation and enable more-complex and adaptive data science.

* Fabio Petroni, Facebook AI Researcher, will join our workshop "AI + Knowledge - a match made in heaven?", shedding light on Graph AI, what knowledge-based technologies can do for Deep Learning, and what are the roadblocks and opportunities.

* Vanessa Lopez, Research Scientist and Manager, AI for Health and Social Care at IBM Research Ireland, will share how to “Protect vital public health programs with AI and Knowledge Graphs” to address significant societal problems in the healthcare industry.

* Mark Grover, Product Manager at Lyft, will share how to go "From discovering data to trusting data". Grover helped Lyft make analysts and data scientists over 20% more productive by making it easier to discover data.

* Michael Bronstein, Professor at Imperial College London & Head of Graph Learning Research at Twitter, will explore "Deep Learning on Graphs: Past, Present, And Future". Bronstein outlines how graph deep learning methods could progress in the next few years.

* Katariina Kari, Knowledge Engineer at Zalando, will show how to use “Lightweight Deployed Tools for Knowledge Graph Proof-of-Concepts” to improve data processes for internal applications with Knowledge Graph tools running on Docker and Kubernetes.

“Seeing the technologies we have been contributing to, using, and advocating for since the early 2000's take center stage has been a long time coming. Knowledge Graphs, Graph Databases, Semantic Tech and Graph AI are a unique mix, and we are happy to share breakthroughs, use cases and insights around those with the world”

said Knowledge Connexions co-organizer George Anadiotis, Linked Data Orchestration and Year of the Graph Founder / ZDNet Contributor.

“Knowledge Connexions captures the Zeitgeist of the rapidly growing knowledge technology domain by convening and showcasing leaders and innovators from both Europe and the US who are solving interesting problems across multiple industries and introducing them to an expanding global audience”  said Knowledge Connexions co-organizer Thomas Deely.


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Knowledge Connexions promotes inclusiveness and a respectful and ethical environment. Please review our Terms and Conditions / Code of Conduct.

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